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Industrie Riunite Confetti William Di Carlo srl

William Di Carlo s.r.l. was born out of the union of two families of confectioners and pastry makers, the Marcones (1833) and La Civita-Di Carlos (1860). When ClotildeMarcone and William di Carlo married, the two families merged their businesses. The origins of the company date back to 1833.

While maintaining its artisanal roots, the Company distributes its products (sugar-coated almonds, flower-shaped candy arrangements, chocolate products, nougats) throughout Italy and in most European countries through a network of direct customers or retailers in Belgium, France, United Kingdom, Germany, Austria. Outside the European Union, it has a presence in Switzerland, the USA, Canada, Russia, United Arab Emirates, Qatar, Kuwait, China.

Due to their renowned high quality, William Di Carlo products are targeted at a medium-high customer base. That is why they have always been distributed mainly in specialised shops and, in a few cases, in selected large distribution centres through agreements for specific product lines, with the aim to follow market trends.

The company has applied to the EEC in order to obtain the I.G.P. (IndicazioneGeograficaProtetta, Protected Geographical Indication) certification for its Sulmonasugar-coated almonds.

Company Information
Registered Office
Viale del Lavoro, 15, 67039 Sulmona (AQ)

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