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The core business

Agire helps the innovative activities of the company partners by identifying individual company needs and supporting the development of new products, processes, management and marketing organization.

Furthermore, it promotes the exchange of knowledge and experiences as well as project ideas and information shared between partners by means of workshops, meetings and events.

The sharing of technologies, knowledge and innovative ideas is guaranteed through specific training sessions, carried out with diverse flexible models according to entrepreneurs and members involvement and within the required time to achieve the desired goals.

The value given to the typical Abruzzo agri-food and the image of the whole local organisation is ensured by constant information and marketing strategies, by the participation to the most important exhibitions of the sector while the route of the promotional material is correctly circulating and by the continuous updating of the hub web-site. Partners regular feedbacks about respect and achievement of expected targets ensure the monitoring of customer satisfaction.


Benefits for partners

  • Innovation in product, process, management and marketing.
  • Network economies: benefits deriving from stable relationships with company partners.
  • Agglomeration economies: benefits arising from the strengthening of partner’s contractual and marketing power together in a network and localized in a specific territory, the Abruzzo region.
  • Transaction economies: benefits connected to cost reduction within the whole economic chain, thanks to the establishment and consolidation of good practices and protocols and to the correct and efficient circulation of information among the hub companies.
  • Competitive advantages and internationalization.
  • More efficacy within the local Stakeholders relationships, as including national and international, due to a better marketing strategy.

Why join in with us

Discover the benefits of joining our project!

AGIRE Soc. cons. a r.l.
Via Isidoro e Lepido Facii snc
64100 Teramo (TE)
Tel.: +39.0861.232435
Fax: +39.0861.232851
Time opening
From monday to friday 08:30AM-01:30PM
About us

AGIRE is set within the indigenous area of Abruzzo region, marked by a strong agri-food vocation.

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