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IWBLabs internationalisation of Work Based Learning in the AgriBusiness Sector
pubblicata il 16 febbraio 2017





The IWB-Labs project focus on the agribusiness sector and, with the purpose to increase students’ motivation, proposes the application of a Work-based learning (WBL) approach. The students will carry out virtual work experience s where they can apply, in a real work environment, the skills learnt at school. The work experience, which will be carried out at transnational level, will take the form of a virtual internship carried out at distance.


The Objectives is to motivate post-secondary VET students, Enhance the participation of Agribusiness managers in the training of the future human resources, Improve the internationalization of the training offer of the post-secondary VET providers and Develop a ICT platform for the internationalization of apprenticeships. 

The Target Groups involved in the project are: Vocational students in the field of agribusiness, vocational trainers in the field of agribusiness and agribusiness company managers. 


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